✪ DISNEY PIXAR FINDING DORY BATH TOYS | Kids Toy Review| Cars 2 Spiderman Surprise Eggs

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✪ DISNEY PIXAR FINDING DORY BATH TOYS | Kids Toy Review| Cars 2 Spiderman Surprise Eggs. Subscribe for more fun videos : https://goo.gl/SDhNuj

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Video Transcript:
Lets find Dory!
Where’s Dory? right there!
Where is Dory?..
right there!
I have Finding Dory Bath Toys!
showing: Disney Pixar Finding Dory Bath Toy
and this are the one you can collect
I have Finding Dory Cereal
showing: Kelloggs Finding Dory Cereal
and David got Finding Nemo Bath toy
showing: Disney Pixar Finding Dory Nemo bath toy
Lets open them
Finding Dory! Look at Dory
Pull the string and his tail will flap
Where’s Nemo? right here!
Find Dory!
found him!
Oh no! Dory is trap in the log!
lets get him!
I can do it!
I found Dory!
We have golden surprise eggs!
Lets get them!
I got mine!
Whoa!I have a Lightning McQueen Surprise Egg
I got spiderman kinder surprise egg
And David got Lightning McQueen Surprise Egg
I got Spiderman
and now its time to open the Finding Dory Cereal
now its time to taste the cereal! I’m gonna taste Dory!
and I’m gonna taste Nemo!
Bye! Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe! Bye!!
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