Dylan’s AquaBot Fish Toy Review, Kids Toy Reveal Unboxing Video on Dylan’s Den (#29)

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►Description of Dylan’s Video

Dylan’s Den AquaBot Fish Toy Review. Watch Dylan head to the pool and open a Aquabot fish and put it in the pool. Dylan will tell you if the toy is a Thumbs up or Thumbs down. Dylan will actually get in the pool and show you how the Aquabot works and swims. What an amazing toy review, revealing and unboxing kids video. ENJOY!

►About Dylan

Welcome to the most entertaining and family friendly toy comedy video kids channel you will ever see on YouTube. Dylan’s Den is a kids YouTube channel that follows Dylan (4) in his everyday life. Whether it’s just being a kid playing with his toys, learning how to brush his teeth, playing with his Disney cars, playing with his friends and family or just eating a big bowl of spaghetti. Dylan loves hot wheels, play doh, Candy Candy, Sprinkles, monster trucks, Disney cars, Disney Pixar movies, Lego toys, playing t-ball, MLB, Music, Games, kids toys surprise, Minecraft, Frozen, Riding Bikes, hitting Homerun, Swing his baseball MLB bat, playing with his sister’s Baby Alive or her Shopkins, wrestling with dad, watching funny videos, baking Challenge, Challenges, Mystery Den or Box, dressing up in Costumes, playing in the rain, farting on his sister, dad or mom, eating milk duds & gummy worms, cereal, going to the park, zoo or pool. Dylan is an amazing, caring, smart and fun loving 4 year old who loves to joke around and laugh. Here are some things Dylan does not like; thunder, eggs, pickles, the dark, taking a bath, pooping, cleaning up his toys, mustard, napping, bugs, and in many cases wearing clothes. Dylan’s Den will post videos during all holidays, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. This first year during Dylan’s Den we will visit many cool places, like Lego land, Canada, Disneyland, Hollywood Studios, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the prettiest place on earth, Hawaii, and maybe even the moon. You’ll see Dylan at the beach, swimming in the pool, watching funny animal videos and making a mess why cooking a cake and maybe even some Spaghetti. Dylan hopes you enjoy our vlogs and other funny videos, but most of all have fun fun. Dylan’s Den will give you the opportunity to enjoy Dylan’s wonderful personality, come watch and see for yourself.

We also hope to make a few videos with Surprise Eggs, Board Games, Disney Infinity, Legos, Surprise Toys, Play Doh, Marvel Action figures and Angry Birds. I don’t much about Minecraft, Jurassic Park Dinosaurs, Super Smash Brothers, Roblox, Super Mario Bros Titles, FNAF World, and Plants vs Zombies. I’m learning a lot about Skylanders, like Giants, Swap Force,

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