MINNIE MOUSE SURPRISE TOYS Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg Chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs Kids Toy Video

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DISNEY MINNIE MOUSE SURPRISE TOYS Worlds Biggest Surprise Egg Toy Minnie Cash Register Minnie Chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs Kids Video Toy Opening and Toy Review Unboxing by Hailey’s Magical Playhouse. In this super funny kids video kid-friendly show, Hailey opens on of the World’s Biggest Surprise Egg Minnie Mouse along with chocolate eggs or Minnie Mouse Kinder Surprise Eggs to be exact. Inside the giant surprise egg is a lot of Minnie Mouse surprise toys like a Disney Minnie’s Bow-Tique Disney Minnie Mouse Cash Register to learn money, a Minnie Picnic playset, Disney Princess Minnie Mouse Bow Sweet Home Garden Picnic, and a Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse’s Polka Dot Yacht PlaySet toy boat that is so much fun to play with. It has a slide and a pool along with a surfboard too. Hailey and her daddy create some really funny clips playing with the Polka-Dot Yacht which you’ll be laughing at and find hilarious. The Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cash Register and the Garden Playset make their way into our next videos so stay tuned for more funny videos opening toys and just having a good time.

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We purchased the Disney Minnie’s Bow-Tique Disney Minnie Mouse Cash Register for $9.97, the Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse’s Polka Dot Yacht Play Set for $13.00, Disney Minnie Mouse Bow Sweet Home Garden Picnic $4.58, and Disney Minnie Mouse Picnic for $2.88 on sale at Walmart.

Thank you all so much for watching and supporting Hailey. It means a lot to me and Hailey. We are so very grateful and hope to make you laugh, bring you joy, and ultimate make you smile one toy at a time!

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