Orbeez, Candy & Guitar Shopping || Mommy Monday

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We took the kids to a super fun, hands-on kids convention. They got to play with things like Orbeez, pretend money, Play-Doh, musical instruments, dominoes, balloons and do cool dry ice science experiments! It was a fun day. Also, Alyssa … Continued

TRUCKS CAN’T SWIM! – Robocar Poli Toy Cars ORBEEZ Stories for kids – Videos for kids

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Dumpoo is DROWNING in Orbeez Lake! Will Robocar Poli, Spookie, Amber, Roy, Bruner and Helly save him? Children’s stories with Robocar Poli RESCUE Team Toy Cars! Toy cars videos for kids. Videos for children with Robocar Poli & Hot Wheels … Continued

SUPER FUEL! – Lightning McQueen CHEMISTRY LAB Toy Cars Videos for kids. Videos for kids cartoons

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Toy Cars FLY when Lightning McQueen is in his CHEMISTRY LABORATORY! Lightning McQueen makes a SOOPA-DOOPA fuel to win his races. Is it safe to try another formula or will he crash into the Orbeez Pool? Watch how things turn … Continued

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