Giant Snake Attacks Girl – Bad Kids Steals Emerald Gemstones – Cobrattack – Shopkins Disney Toys

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Hi friends:) FAMTASTIC EPISODE WAS SO FUNNY:) Cobrattack game is super cool fun and me and my dad played a few challenge rounds and we both won prizes YAY! Shopkins and Disney toys:) Snowflakes Links:) iTunes – Spotify – … Continued

Pick ‘N’ Mix Candy Shop Play – Gross Toy Challenge – Bubble Gum Gumballs – Chupa Chups Lollipops

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Hi friends:) Welcome to my candy shop with Buster the guard dog lol.The challenge was great fun and we tasted some really nice candies and some super sour candy:( i hope you enjoyed our fun FAMTASTIC video love Tiana:) Snowflakes … Continued

Squeaky Chicken Toy Challenge Game – Chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs – Surprise Toys For Kids

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Hi friends:) Me and my dad played the Squeaky Game challenge and it was so funny,we had some new kinder eggs and they super cool toys and so yummy:) Snowflakes Links:) iTunes – Spotify – Amazon Music – … Continued

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